The ND Hospitality Association exists to protect, promote, and improve your business. We can help you navigate the regulatory process, keep your business running smoothly, and promote your business. The resources below will help you do that:

National Restaurant Association: All of our restaurant members automatically receive dual membership in the NRA. Check them out to see some of the additional benefits they offer.

ServSafe Training: This training ensures that you are performing to the highest standard of safety in food preparation and training, and can help lower your insurance premiums. Contact us to get set up with a ServSafe training session in your area.

ND Food and Lodging Division: Quick and easy access to the ND Regulations governing food care, storage, preparation, and transportation.

ND Labor Department: Access the rules and regulations regarding work rules and pay for restaurant and tipped employees, and provides information on required employment posters.

ND Liquor License Forms: For those restaurants that also serve alcohol, this page serves as a resource for regulations on the state level. For help with your local regulations, contact us at 701-223-3313.

ND Liquor License FAQ: This Frequently Asked Questions document from the ND Attorney General’s office answers common questions regarding retail alcohol service in North Dakota.

BARS Program: For those restaurants that also serve alcohol, we have a program to help you ensure that your staff is following proper ID checking procedures. Contact us at 701-223-3313 for more info and to get started.

For more information, contact Executive Director Rudie Martinson at 701-223-3313 or