The Mission of the North Dakota Hospitality Association


At the North Dakota Hospitality Association, we brings together retail alcohol beverage establishments, bars, retail food service establishments, hotels, and motels, all with the goal of promoting the well-being of our members. Our association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to fostering collaboration among various hospitality businesses in our state.   We strive to elevate business standards and facilitate the lawful and professional sale of our products, ensuring a positive experience for both businesses and customers. Advocacy plays a crucial role in our work, as we actively engage in legislative matters, supporting beneficial legislation that strengthens and protects the hospitality industries while opposing over regulation and any other proposals that may have detrimental effects on our members. By collaborating with national, state, and local officials, we actively seek opportunities to enhance and upgrade our member establishments throughout the state. Through various events, such as business meetings, annual gatherings, and trade shows, we create platforms for valuable business information exchange, fostering education, friendship, and cooperation among our members. Additionally, we endeavor to familiarize the public with the united efforts of retailers who operate their businesses in an orderly and law-abiding manner, ensuring transparency and trust within our industry.


Formal Organizational Statement

The purpose of the association shall be to form a non-profit corporation organizing for those engaged in the ownership, operation or management of retail alcohol beverage establishments, retail food service establishments, hotels, motels and motor hotel; and other service-related retailers.  The association shall be dedicated to and shall work for, among other things, the following:

a. Promoting the general welfare of the retailer, to improve business standards and to further the legitimate sale of our products in a lawful and professional manner.

b. The preservation of business climates beneficial to the members.

c. Working to improve the services the members provide to the public.

d. The study of legislative matters on behalf of legislation which will be beneficial to members, and which shall strengthen and protect the hospitality industries, as well as work against all proposals which shall be detrimental to the members.

e. Cooperation with and assistance of all national, state and local officials who seek to upgrade and improve member and other establishments within the State.

f. Conducting such business meetings, annual meetings, trade shows and other such events to acquire, maintain and disseminate valuable business information to its members which will expand the atmosphere of education, friendship and cooperation among the members.

g. To familiarize the public by any legitimate means that the retailers are banded together to run their businesses in an orderly and law-abiding manner, and to do everything possible and proper to accomplish the purposes set forth above or which may later be recognized as lawful objectives of the North Dakota Hospitality Association.

h. Such other efforts as the membership shall deem to be necessary.