Bills We’re Tracking During the 2017 Legislative Session

January 28, 2017

Check back with this page regularly to stay updated on the current status of bills we’re tracking.  Overstruck bills are no longer active.

House Bills

HB 1059 – Allows musical performers over 18 years of age to be in a 21-and-over establishment if they’ve been hired to perform there – Signed by the Governor on 3/9/17.  Will take effect August 1.

HB 1145 – Allows a financial interest between alcohol retailers and manufacturersDefeated in the House of Representatives 33-60 on 1/26/17

HB 1146 – Allows direct shipment of alcohol from a manufacturer to a retailerDefeated in the House of Representatives 16-76 on 1/26/17

HB 1163 – Removes restrictions on being open before noon on Sundays for most retailers – Defeated in the Senate 22-25 on 3/14/17

HB 1216 – Allows the use of electronic pull tab devices – Signed by the Governor on 4/20/17.  Will take effect August 1.

HB 1223 – Allows employers to purchase private insurance for workers compensation coverageDefeated in the House of Representatives 19-72 on 1/31/17

HB 1245 – Fixes a drafting error in last session’s bill to allow Sunday on-sale alcohol sales beginning at 11:00 AM – Signed by the Governor on 3/13/17.  Will take effect August 1.  

HB 1263 – Raises the state’s minimum wage to $9.25/hour – Defeated in the House of Representatives 13-77 on 2/06/17

HB 1343 – Changes requirements for domestic wineriesDefeated in the Senate 3-44 on 4/4/17

HB 1414 – Creates a new domestic winery licenseWithdrawn by the sponsors on 1/26/17

HB 1422 – Makes the delivery of alcohol to a minor a Class C Felony Defeated in the House of Representatives 10-80 on 2/14/17

Senate Bills

SB 2137 – Expands the scope of small breweries and taprooms – Defeated in the Senate 4-41 on 2/03/17

SB 2319 – Requires statewide server training for alcoholic beverage servers – Defeated in the Senate 4-42 on 2/01/17

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